This artcile is about the group that collects the souls of the dead. It is not about the process of dying.

A Death is a being who roams the Mortal Realm, collecting the souls of those who die so they can pass on to the Land of the Dead. They are a race of beings, neither living nor dead, who live in "the plane between planes."


Every region of the Mortal Realm is overseen by a powerful Death who is in charge of all reaping activities in that region. Each of these overseer Deaths has several lesser Deaths assisting them who perform the actual reaping duties. A lesser Death's job consists of travelling to pre-set locations for their currount route; these locations are where people are near death. Once the person dies, the Death in charge of that person must use their scythe to reap the person's soul and send them on to the afterlife.

Lesser Deaths are also responsible for delivering a soul's paperwork to King Schrodinger. This paperwork details the person's cause of death, time of death, and several other bits of information pertaining to the death. In special cases, a region's overseer Death may be the one delivering paperwork.


Every Death has three trademarks: a scythe, a shroud, and a steed. The scythe is their weapon or tool, the physical object they use to do the actual reaping. When the scythe makes contact with a soul. the soul's last bonds to the body are severed and the soul is transported to The Wastes.

The shroud is an article of clothing the Death wears that allows them to vanish into the shadows. It does not allow for unlimited movement, which is why every Death also has a steed, which they use to travel across their assigned region.

Known DeathsEdit