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Jack Turbo is the leader of the Speed Freaks and a rival to Johnny Nitro.


Like Johnny, Jack was once a stuntman. However, he was constantly being overshadowed by Johnny (it probably didn't help that Jack deliberately scheduled his stunts to coincide with Johnny's). One day, Jack failed a motorcycle jump, resulting in him being seriously injured.

However, jack was confident that the news of his accident would beat coverage of Johnny's stunt. Unfortunately for Jack, Johnny's stunt ended up killing him, and Jack was once again beaten. His frustration hit its breaking point: how could he ever top dying?

Making full use of his degree in metallurgy, Jack had the remains of his motorcycle fused to his body. With his new cyborg body, Jack started his career in crime.

For the sixth Trial, the Newlydeads were tasked with taking down the Speed Freaks. While the other took on mooks, Johnny went one-on-one with Jack and defeated him. Jack was then sent to prison.

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