Jigrumth is a character in The Death Series. He is a member of the Newlydeads.


In his life, Jigrumth was a renowned Viking warrior. He died in the midst of battle, as any Norse warrior would desire. He spent several centuries in The Wastes, emerging at the same time as the other Newlydeads.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a warrior, Jigrumth possesses incredible physical strength. In addition, he is also very skilled with a sword and shield, and probably several other melee weapons as well.


Jigrumth is...energetic. He'd rather shout than talk, rather run than walk, and rather fight than think. He finds great enjoyment in battle, but he has no patience for riddles and other tests of wit.


The only character Jigrumth has a firm relationship with is Meow. It can best be dexribed as a love/hate relationship: Meow loves Jigrumth, but Jigrumth hates Meow.