Intrduced in Trial 6. Jorgan is one of the newlydeads in the quest to go to heaven. He's one the team's smart guys as to Ludwig.


Born in Washington, Seattle. Jorgan Erkelian the II (Yes, that's his full name.) was born with the nack of computers. Mainly becaise his parents worked in the tech industry. His first computer was IBM PC that his dad gave to him on his birthday, which he calls Beem. Ever since then, he trained himself with differnet codes and hacking tecniques on any computer. Jorgan made good grades and school and was a hip person, but usssually his extrovertness causes him to get poked fun. All the kids at his school made fun of his last name of that nerd kid on Family Matters. I belive his name was Urkel, or something. But, that was besdies the point. Jorgan was just made fun of by the other kids at school during that period.

Durring the New Year's of 1999. His parents were on vacation to New York to celebtate New Years in Time Sqaure with the rest of his family and friends. He was planning durring that time to kill himself due to the hype of Y2K, by his friends in school and EverQuest. Thus he did it and jumped off the Emprire State Building. His parents mourned and his friends, but not his bullies. Okay, maybe the bullies a little bit!

Powers and ablitliesEdit