Kylie is one of the newlydeads in Land of the Dead.(And or The Death Series) Who's been in all the trials since the Roleplays beinging.


In a not-so-away town. Kylie was born in a rich family where he she was spoiled rotten and got her way in any type of situation. As she learned she can manipualte people's emotions she started to get in acts of sociopathic serial killing., at the age of 4. Since if people couldn't give her what she wanted then she either threatned them or stabbed them right off the bat. She covered up by her buttler named Jim Akins the II, who didn't undertand her acts. But, corarpted with him so the same fate won't happen to him.

When she was 9. One day when she was driving home from her sercret private school her limo driver got in acident witha drunk driver. Her family mounered after her daeth and all the kids cheered in victory not having to see her again.

Powers and abilltiesEdit

Kylie has a whole bunch of knives and threating teqniiqies that can be used on a single openent. Since her death she can be povesssie people's bodies, simlar to The Exorcist . Due to short sstature she can run pretty quick but not the fast.


Kylie is free spirt due to the threating in the past, she's done. She knows when she can get something out of somone regardless of soemone. Although since the past trials she been shown to have maybe have a lighter side on her personailty.....I guess?


She seems to have a morailty pet relationship with Johnny Nitro in all terms. With others she kinda has a saracastic view on on Newlydeads. When metting someone for the first time she tries to play with them by threating them.