This article is about the location. For the first installment in The Death Series, see Land of the Dead (RP).

The Land of the Dead is one of several planes in the universe of The Death Series. More specifically, it is the plane where the souls of mortals go when they die. These souls must pass through The Wastes, then cross the River Styx in order to make it here.

The Land of the Dead has a monarchy. It is ruled over by King Schrodinger and his wife, Queen Veronica. They assign Trials to those souls who attempt The 100 Trials.

Relationship to Other PlanesEdit

The Land of the Dead is most closely tied to the Mortal Realm, as any beings from that plane who die go to the Land of the Dead. Going the other way, however, is a capital offense and will lead to punishment of the most extreme kind.

The Land of the Dead is also linked to Heaven. Any souls who complete the 100 Trials will be allowed into Heaven. However, no soul has completed the Trials.

It should be noted that "Land of the Dead" is NOT interchangeable with "Hell."