Langston is a minor NPC in Land of the Dead. He is a Death who primarily operates in North America


Langston first appeared when he attempted to retrieve Demi Armstrong's soul upon her death. Since her death was prevented, however, Langston was unable to accomplish this.

As punishment for interfering with the cycle of death, the Newlydeads were forced to accompany Langston on one of his reaping rounds.

Langston was also the one who reaped Vicente's soul upon his death, remarking that the Newlydeads preventing his suicide made his journey through The Wastes easier.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Death, Langston has the three trademarks of a Death: his scythe takes the form of a handgun (or maybe it's the bullets...? Nah, it's the handgun), his shroud is his trusty fedora*, and his steed is a motorcycle with detachable sidecars.

Langston is also invisible to those with a functioning "weirdness censor."