Maximillion Lannister is a villain in Land of the Dead


Approximately six months before the start of the RP, Lannister became one of the wealthiest and most influential individuals in the world. This was all due to his potent psychic powers.

Interplanar Affairs caught wind of this. Lannister was unregistered (all psychics must have their names registered with IA), so they passed this knowledge on to King Schrodinger.

For one of their Trials, the Newlydeads were sent to negotiate with Lannister and have him register. negotiations...did not go well, and a fight broke out, which the Newlydeads eventually won.


Lannister has incredible psychic powers, including, but not limited to: telekinesis, telepathy, mind-reading, and levitation. The trade-off for this for this was Lannister's crippling physical weakness, such that he went down in one hit.


  • "Maximillion" is taken from Maximillion Pegasus, a mind-reading eccentric millionaire from Yu-Gi-Oh!. "Lannister" come from House Lannister, a wealthy and influential family in A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • As such, "Maximillion" must always be spelled with an O. Never an A.