The 100 Trials are, as the name implies, a series of tasks that citizens of the Land of the Dead may partake in. Success will allow them entrance into Heaven. Failure means they must start over from the beginning.

List of TrialsEdit

  1. Stop the bank robbery!
  2. Return the videos!
  3. Get milk from the store!
  4. Catch a turkey!
  5. Train with Charon!
  6. Stop the Speed Freaks!
  7. Protect Demi Armstrong from the Mafia!
  8. Get Maximillion Lannister to register his psychic powers!
  9. Accompany Langston on his route!
  10. Protect Gregory and Herbert from being assassinated!
  11. Babysit Bridget!
  12. Stop Vicente Viciousse from committing suicide!
  13. Help Renée defeat Agon!
  14. Solve the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever!
  15. Train with Albert Circlesmith!
  16. Sorry for sending you to Hell!
  17. Delete Google's browsing history!
  18. Meet with Lannister!
  19. Stop Samhain!
  20. Rescue Santa Claus!
  21. Find a lawyer!
  22. Rescue "Demi"!
  23. Clean Arthur Malsumis's house!
  24. Quash the animal uprising!