Land of the dead

Welcome to the The Death Series WikiEdit

This is a wiki about The Death Series, a sequence of play-by-post roleplays. Here you can find information on the various characters, concepts, locations, events, objects, etc. in The Death Series.


As this Wiki has just started, we need as much help as you can give. We need to make this a comprehensive database of all the lore and canon of The Death Series! If you think you've contributed all you can, try reading through the articles as if you were a new member. If you find a spot that makes you ask questions, well, try and answer those questions! ~Rhad

Someone seems to have had a bit of confusion involving the Characters page. If you're new to wiki-ing and need some help, several of us have prior experience and would be more than happy to help. ~Rhad

Who's That Character!?Edit

Study the sillhouette below, and try to make your best guess as to who it's a picture of. The winner shall have their name engraved in the pantheon of champions!

-Sergio! ~SegaServ

-Correct! Real picture will be up later today. ~Rhad


Blech, I hate this drawing.